Jeremy is a software engineer residing in Eagle Mountain, Utah with his wife and children. He has been in the software industry for over twenty years, working for several of the largest software companies in the world, including Microsoft and Symantec. He holds ten U.S. Patents (with an eleventh pending), primarily in the field of software virtualization, and has a few patents pending in other software areas. He is a co-founder of FSLogix, where he is currently employed as a Distinguished Engineer.

Jeremy is a native of Springville, Utah and taught himself to program from books and magazines starting in the third grade. A kind teacher would allow him to complete his schoolwork as quickly as he could and then spend the remainder of the day on a Commodore PET 4000 series. He learned BASIC initially and then graduated to assembly code around 8th grade and then C in high school. After high school he studied computer science at university for a year before getting his career started. Attending night school while working full time and focusing on a new area of study that was not directly career-related, he eventually earned a B.S. in Political Science with a Minor in Computer Science from Utah Valley University.

In addition to his interest in software craftsmanship and computer science, Jeremy is fascinated by political science and philosophy, which began over a decade ago with his first reading of Altas Shrugged. Since that time, Jeremy has been active in local politics, serving as a member of the Pleasant Grove Library Board, County Delegate, Precinct Vice-chair, board member of several political organizations, and volunteering for a number of political campaigns. He is also interested in football and hockey, and has played in several hockey leagues over the years. He loves to read, everything from political thrillers and history to science fiction and fantasy.