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And I am always interested in hearing your feedback on this software. If you find issues of have enhancement ideas, drop me a note and I’ll see what I can do.

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rssWeave is a simple little utility that merges RSS streams together to produce a single unified RSS stream. It then serves this RSS stream on a specified port. I created this utility after one of my favorite web sites for getting RSS streams of torrent files went down. I needed a way to combine a bunch of RSS streams, each containing specific search terms, and then allow uTorrent to automatically download everything in the combined stream. uTorrent has some ways to do this, but they require quite a bit of point and click UI editing to get them set up. I needed to be able to modify my list of torrents by editing a simple xml file.

Edit the rssWeaveSettings.xml.example to define the feeds you want to monitor, and rename it to rssWeaveSettings.xml. Put all the files in a single directory and run rssWeave.exe. You will find that it produces a log file that helps you see what it’s doing, and help you diagnose any problems that might pop up.

Requirements: .NET Framework 4.5



HexDump is a simple console utility that is useful for dumping the contents of a file in a hex format, similar to what you might see in a debugger. This utility can be very useful for seeing things that are not printable in a file, like encoding bytes at the beginning of the file.

You can dump the entire file at once, or ranges of bytes within the file, using a few command-line parameters. To the right of the hex bytes is shown the printable characters. The output looks something like the following.

Requirements: .NET Framework 4.0

0D 0A 50 69 6E 67 69 6E    67 20 31 39 32 2E 31 36    ..Pinging.192.16
38 2E 31 2E 31 38 20 77    69 74 68 20 33 32 20 62    8.1.18.with.32.b
79 74 65 73 20 6F 66 20    64 61 74 61 3A 0D 0A 43
6F 6E 74 72 6F 6C 2D 43    0D 0A                      ontrol-C..